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All dormitories are fully booked

Residence should bring personal items: Bedding, toiletries, cups,
   clothes and other personal items.

Prohibited items: Any kind of heating or electrical appliance (e.g. electric blankets, space heaters, irons,
   coffee makers, toasters, portable stoves, cooking utensils, candles), and potentially dangerous items such
   as flammable materials.
Pets are prohibited on dormitory premises.
Bicycles and other two-wheeled vehicles may not be brought into the buildings. They must be parked in
   the designated parking areas. (Exceptions will be made for motorized vehicles for people with disabilities).
Anything deemed to be an inconvenience or disturbance to others is prohibited.


- Subway Line#2, Nacsungdae Station, Exit#4 -> Gwanack 02 bus


Local Organizing Committee
The 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education
Korea National Univ. of Education Gangnae-myeon, Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-Do (363-791), Rep of KOREA
Tel. +82-2-576-9945 / Email. icme12@icme12.org

떒泥대챸: 젣12李 援젣닔븰援먯쑁쉶議곗쭅쐞썝쉶 / 怨듬룞몴: 瑜섑씗李, 떊쁽슜 / 怨좎쑀踰덊샇: 317-82-63777 / 媛쒖씤젙蹂닿由ъ콉엫옄: 엫쑀꽑
냼옱吏: 異⑹껌遺곷룄 泥썝援 媛뺣궡硫 떎씫由 궛7 븳援援먯썝 / 몴쟾솕: 02-576-9945 / 씠硫붿씪: icme12@icme12.org