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The optional tour is scheduled through out ICME-12. There is additional charge to participate the tour programs respectively. The optional tour aims at showing congress participants and their accompanying persons the historical sites, its natural beauty and cultural abundance. To book the tour programs, fill an application form and send to cosmojin@cosmojin.com. Please note that all programs are first come first served.

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 Mt.Seorak National Park(Famous Beautiful Autumn Maple Tree)
Also called as Seolsan and Seolbongsan, the mountain was named Seorak because the snow would not melt for a long time and its rocks stay white like snow. In November 1965, the Seorak Mountain district was designated as a Natural Monument preservation area. Afterwards in December 1973, it was designated as a park preservation area, and in August 1982, as a Biosphere Preservation District by UNESCO.

 Kwonkeumsung Fortress
Gwongeumseong Castle is the site of a castle ruins called Mt. Seoraksan Castle, and it is also known as Mt. Onggeumsan Castle, or Toto Castle. It is located on the steep Dol Mountain of Mt. Seoraksan Sogongwon area. It is believed to have been built by the 23rd King of the Goryeo Period (918~1392), Gojong (1213~1259 reign). It is also called Gwon-Kim Castle, as there is a legend that two generals named Gwon and Kim, built the castle to avoid war.

 Shinhung Temple
Shinhung Temple is located 10 minutes walking distance from Sogongwon ticket counter, and many people visit because of its proximity to Sogongwon. Shinhung Temple is a temple which used to be called Hyangseongsa, built by Jajangyulsa (590~658), who traveled to famous mountains all over the nation, in Queen Jindeok’s (?~654) 6th year of reign. It was wrecked and rebuilt many times since.

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Tour Daily Mt. Seorak Tour
Min. 4 People
Course Hotel → Move to Mt.Seorak → Mt.Seorak National Park → Kwonkeumsung Fortress → Shinhung Temple → Hotel
Cost 199,000Won(per)
Condition Guide, Transportation, Admission Fee
Hotel pick up & Sending
Cancel 70 % cancellation charge on tour day


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